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  • Precision Turning and Milling
  • Chrome Plated Rollers
  • Balance and Diagnostics
  • Technical & Special Rollers


Generally the color of the rubber is not required but in some cases, the technology also provides the color, which is mostly white or black. But we can provide other colors without any further even beyond the two basic colors, which can be red, green, blue, etc.
Common requirement is the chemical resistance coating, and most of the time we can make this coating, after given the aggressive agent. We can also fulfill the required quality of the food industry and food sector too.
The hardness of the rubber can be defined in several ways. Our company is using the most common "Shore A" category. We can make coatings from the kind of soft 35 Shore A up to 99 Shore A. The rubber cylinders are generally supplied with precision ground size. Sometimes there are demands for arched/curved, convex, or concave surfaces. We can also fulfill these different needs too.


Expander (Banana) Rollers are used for wrinkle removing and also for removing slack edges, slit separation. for aluminium foils, films, plastic, Tyrecord, textiles, paper. Applications before winding, before coating, before slitting, after slitting for slit separation. 
Rubber covered for abrasion resistance, high speed applications, foot mounting or Flange mounting. For high speed hard chrome plated segment type metallic bow rolls are also available.


Calender rollers are directly related to the quality of the finished product of textiles, paper, plastics and rubber used in the processing. HTV Makine even  provides cooperation to its customers during the design process of the machines.

Up to 5.000kg Max 1.600mm diameter and 11.000mm in length, calender rollers can be produced. Also in line with demand chrome plating, elastomeric coating, super-finishing and embossing of the surfaces can be produced.


In line with the increasing demands of production technologies with faster and less thermal deviation , rollers that can operate at high temperatures and pressures are required. We manufacture the rollers as our partners required dimesions and tolerances with our designing and engineering team.

Depending on their use single or double-shell , single-entry or multiple-entry; oil, water or electrical heated cylinders can be produced according to our customers' requests with chrome-plated , matt , polished or embossed surfaces .


Aluminum rollers has high strength / weight ratio comes with excellent extrusion, as it has a low moment of inertia and low runout values ​​thus preferred.

11000mm in length and 60mm - 200mm diameter range as standard and custom sizes according to the demands of our customers, live-shaft  or dead- shaft rollers can be produced.

Aluminum rollers are produced 3-plane dynamically balanced and in line with customer demand, with surface treatment ( heat treatment or coating ). 


Embossing rollers are used for patterning or flattening of textile, paper, plastic, metal and rubber products.

HTV Makine machinery work with calender machine manufacturers in particular, in  demand of embossing rollers or super -finished rollers; 1.600mm in diameter and 11.000mm lenght and weighing up to 5,000 kg can be produced within desired tolerances .